Grenville Log Homes manufactures solid wall log kits from Northern White Cedar. Cedar is our wood of choice for logs due to it's superior R-value, insect and decay resistance, and low shrinkage. Due to the durability of White Cedar and our exacting design we offer a limited 100-year structural warranty on our building logs. Our homes range from the affordable to the exotic.

We have been producing log homes since 1983. Grenville Log Homes also manufactures all the custom cedar accessories used in our packages. The manufacture of specialty kiln-dried wood products began in 1978. Grenville Log Homes experienced staff includes a Professional Engineer and a Canadian Lumberman's Association Grader ensuring our design and product are of the highest quality. Our homes are designed to our customer's requirements and to the Ontario Building Code. Our customer determines the package content. We then produce the package to the drawing specifications.

Our engineered sealing and slider systems are designed to neutralize the effects of log shrinkage and compaction, maintain air tightness and minimize maintenance. Our design excellence was confirmed by air leakage tests by CMHC on our six-year-old show home. The pressurization test rated it as the highest performing home in the study. Grenville Log Homes is also the only solid log wall manufacturer approved under Quebec's Energy Conservation Regulations. Even though our systems are state of the art we strive to improve them as new technologies become available.

Round log sizes available are 6", 7", 8"and 10" in a rustic texture. In 2003 we introduced our new 8" T&G smooth finished log. We use a mortise & tenon butt & pass corner or a saddle notch full corner with the round kits. Smooth square log kits with dovetail corners are available in 6x8 and 8x8. New in 2002 was a 6x6 T&G square log with full, mortise & tenon butt & pass and dovetail corners. Our winter cut, air-dried, center turned cedar logs minimize checking, log movement and shrinkage. Construction of non-log sections vary from conventional stick built to open beam T&G floors and timberframe roof systems. Log surface textures range from rustic to smooth. The finishes provided minimize maintenance, protect from the elements and keep your log home beautiful for generations to come.

We can provide on-site training world wide for the proper installation of our product. All our representatives are fully trained by Grenville Log Homes to ensure our product is installed correctly. Our dealer network also provides on-site training for the customers who wish to build their own home, and shell or turnkey home construction. We have homes in Ontario, Quebec, United States, Germany, and Japan.

Solid wood products do not give off the harmful vapors that so many of today's modern materials or engineered wood composites do. People's sensitivities to these chemicals have been magnified with building codes demanding more airtight homes. Natural wood helps minimize your exposure. It is also aesthetically and economically attractive.

Grenville Log Homes is concerned with our environment. We have planted 1,250,000 cedar seedlings with help from Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources to assist future generations. All the wood entering our manufacturing facility is made into a useable product. The manufacturing techniques we use actually reduce the amount of energy and wood consumed in building a home. Our building system provides an efficient home to heat or cool.

Grenville Log Homes, manufacturers of affordable housing, invite you to experience our custom cedar log homes by making an appointment to visit our show home.

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